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About Me

Alura Sutherland


What You Need to Know About Me!


I am a graduate of The School of Industrial Design at Carleton University. I consider myself a life long learner, this formal education being only one part of my journey. The idea of human centered design is truly fascinating to me, and it is conducive to this learning mentality. Connecting with others, empathizing with them, and listening to their experiences in this world will provide me constant opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the world and the people I share it with.

For two years, I had the pleasure of working at my school as a Residence Fellow (commonly known as a Don or RA). Through this role I have had many experiences that have caused me to grow as an individual. This demanding job has challenged me to become more patient, better at time management, communicate effectively, and collaborate with a large team. A major part of my role as a Residence Fellow is creating a positive community where everyone feels included and valued.

In order to accomplish this goal, I take the time to get to know my 65+ students on an individual basis, as well as the students living on surrounding floors and buildings.


Although I am the one seen as a mentor, it would be doing our community dynamic a disservice to assume that I am there bestowing knowledge on the naive first-year students. In reality, it is this beautiful, mutual exchange of knowledge and growth. Each person living in my community has walked a unique life path and has gained a plethora of life experiences. By sharing these experiences with me, I have been able to reflect on my own views and expand my understanding of the world. In my final year of school, I continued to work in the residence department, in the role of a Learning Adviser - where my primary responsibility is facilitating ongoing training and learning opportunities for the other student staff.


This combination of my education and my work in the residence community has inspired me to want to pursue areas of design that focus on creating intentional spaces (physical and virtual) that foster community ties, promote learning, creativity, and wellness. Ultimately designing for a more sustainable and just world! 


Arts, Crafts & Creativity 

I am grateful that I have found a career path that revolves around creativity. However, I still like to make time for my personal projects that are not dictated by project briefs and grades. I love painting, drawing and anything crafty! The majority of the work that I complete, I give away as gifts. My art is a little way that I like to spread joy to the people in my life.

Nature & the Outdoors

I love the outdoors and being surrounded by nature. The more connected I am with nature the more aware I become of how our actions affect others and our environment. Every decision we make has a ripple effect. This heightened consciousness allows be to make less selfish decisions.

Sports & Athleticism 

I really enjoy running, I view it as my way of showing how thankful I am to be able bodied and physically capable. It is easy to take things for granted, so for me, prioritizing running is my way of reminding myself to appreciate the gifts I have. In addition, I want to take care of my body so that I can continue to be of service to the world for as long as I can and continue to participate in things I love. Another way I like to stay active is by playing soccer. I think being part of a team builds attributes such as collaboration, commitment, respect, resilience and support.

When I chose to commit to something, it is important to me that I apply myself fully. I demonstrate these effort in my schooling.

My hard work and dedication has been recognized by the faculty on multiple occasions. 

First - Fourth Year

deans 2019.jpg

The Dean's Honour List recognizes
full-time students who have maintained a 10.0 grade point average (Carleton University works with a 12.0 GPA model).

Third Year 


Purvins Memorial Award recipient is selected based on their creative application of materials and technologies in their industrial design projects. 

Second Year 


The Award of Excellence is given to two people in each year of the program who performed highly in their studio class while maintaining exceptional grades across the board. 

Fourth Year 


University Medal in Industrial Design 
was received for outstanding academic achievement and for having obtained the highest standing in the industrial design undergraduate program. 

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