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Knitting Organizer

Alura Sutherland

Project Criteria

Identify problems regarding clutter in the household. Then, design a unique solution, which is not only functional, but also adds value through design. This product needs to be innovative in function and formally appropriate to the context. The design should be in response to something that is missing in existing products or an opportunity to do something clever and different. The product should store or display or organize items as part of its unique function.

This knitting organizer allows for avid knitters to transport their ongoing projects and necessary supplies with them wherever they go. This trendy bag accommodates a variety of tools, houses multiple balls of wool, and offers safe storage for projects that are under way.  



There some common challenges that people who knit may experience. These are the main ones that I identified:

  • Knitters often possess a magnitude of tools that vary in size and shape.

  • Yarn is prone to tangling.

  • Many knitters store their needles in a ball of yarn while not working on a project which results in either loosing the needles or being stabbed by the sharp end.

  • The risk of ongoing projects on raveling when not being worked on.

  • Many Knitters like to have the freedom of bringing their projects on the go. This increases the likelihood of the other concerns (tangling, loosing tools, projects coming unraveled, etc...). 

knitting problems.jpg


Asset 4-100.jpg
Asset 3-100.jpg
foam 1.jpg
foam 2.jpg

Building physical models out of foam core allowed for me to write measurements and notes directly on the surface. Through this process, I was able to determine dimensions of wall thicknesses, clearances and the dynamics of the sliding components. 


Asset 6-100.jpg

Final Design

Final Design
knitting solutions.jpg

Wooden box houses various size tools, and has specific storage located in the door for long needles.

Has a Velcro exit port for the wool to travel from the bag to your hands. 

Tool box doubles as a lid/handle for the bag component. they simply slide together. 

An external pocket designed for storing on going projects. 

Mechanisms (rope stoppers) have been secured to the inside of the pouch.  These devices essentially hug the end of your knitting needles, ensuring that your stitches do not get lost.

The bag consists of dividers that create three separate compartments to avoid tangling between balls of wool.

The rails include a series of holes that act as a measurement tool to determine the diameter of any given knitting needle

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